The world's most complete Crypto Database.

Track & Connect with projects, influencers, advisors, investors & more... 

Refundable if you're not happy within the first hour of purchase 💖

Priced at €99.99 per month for fully exportable & copy-able access to our API connected dataset.
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Our Crypto Database is Perfect For:

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Everything you might ever need:

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    Crypto Projects
    Our APIs are actively scraping & updating our data set with a constant stream of new projects from 10+ different sources.
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    Crypto NFTs
    Our sheet is being constantly fed with updated NFT projects on an hourly basis, grabbing the relevant domains, socials & emails.
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    Crypto Influencers
    Connect with over 500+ Crypto Influencers across Youtube, Twitter & Tiktok. Our list is carefully vetted for the most relevant & updated profiles.
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    Crypto Investors
    Gain access to over 200+ institutional crypto investors. Our list consists of funds, VCs, government agencies and is backed by the relevant contact emails.
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    and more...
    All in an auto-updating API connected Google Sheet...

Excellent for outreach:

Our spreadsheet is not only updated once every hour BUT is also enriched for the relevant emails & socials to make your outreach as easy as possible. See a project you like? Copy their email and voila; you're in. 

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Totally exportable & copyable:

We've made the sheet fully exportable & copy-able. We don't mind you copying the data, or scraping the sheet; our value proposition lies in the API connections behind the sheet that update it on an hourly basis across 4 different facets, including projects, influencers, advisors & investors. You mighty copy it today, but you'll definitely be back tomorrow for more :)

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We've even included a template section...

Not sure how to outreach to a project? We've got you covered with our template section. Wanna hit up an influencer to discuss a 90-second integration but not sure what to send? Don't you worry, we've got you covered with our battle-tested template section. 

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Join our free Telegram Channel:

Join our fully automated FREE Telegram group that keeps you updated whenever a new crypto project is released with their socials, emails, telegrams, discords, and more...

The data is synced from our Cryptodatabase sheet directly to Telegram. 

This one is fully free. 😍

A little bit more from our customers:

and a little bit more from us...

  • "This is basically THE ENTIRE CRYPTO INDUSTRY in an API enabled self-updating Google Sheet. We've made sure to include EVERYTHING; from all the latest projects to the hottest influencers, advisors & investors, all in an EXTREMELY MALLEABLE Google Sheet for you to export, copy or use. 

    Kyrill Krystallis, Founder of Cryptodata.base
  • "Cryptodata.base is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. I'd be lost without it. Dude, your stuff is the bomb!"

    Marisha Gold, Co-founder
  • "I was amazed at the quality of the data over at Cryptodata.base. Keep it up guys!"

    Richard Hook, Security manager

We will refund you should you be dissatisfied with the data within your initial hour of purchase. 

Still not convinced?

Watch this quick video presentation we filmed where we showcase & explain the database & its APIs in less than 4 minutes.

Just for €99.99 per month. 😍