Crypto Event 2022 - Cryptopia 2022

published on 11 July 2022
Cryptopia 2022
Cryptopia 2022

Why we've decided to launch a crypto event in 2022 - Cryptopia 2022?

After attending several keynotes myself, and hosting numerous online crypto events across both LinkedIn, Twitter Spaces & Youtube, I decided why not make something bigger...

Why not create a crypto event that encompasses all of the most important elements of Crypto as of 2022, into one. 

Hence Cryptopia 2022. 

Founder - Kyrill Krystallis

Where will the crypto event be held?

After much thought, we've decided to hold the event on a 3 day Youtube live stream.

We did, indeed, consider the prospects of hosting the event on a Metaverse based platform...

But after much consideration we decided against it as we thought it would affect the attendee drop off due to the complexity of many of these platforms and the lack of in-platform notifications. 

Attendees will be able to watch the event straight via Youtube, either on their desktops, mobiles or even TVs. 

And speakers will be able to host their keynotes & panels through a back-end streaming platform. 

Which speakers will be presenting through-out this crypto event?

This Crypto event is broken down into 3 days, each day dedicated to a single element that we've indentified as a key frontier of Crypto in 2022. 

One day will be dedicated to the Metaverse.

Another to DEFI.

And another to NFTs. 

As such, we've targeted individual thought leaders in each space to maximise the audience's experience in being informed about the latest developments & challenges in each individual sector. 

You can find our current speaker list here:

What's the purpose of the NFT Day? 

Through-out the NFT day we aim to inform speakers about the latest developments in the field of Non-Fungible Tokens as well as discuss some of the hot topics like: the undiscussed applications of NFTs, the current state of the NFT market, and much more. 

What's the purpose of the DEFI Day? 

Through-out the DEFI day we aim to inform our audience about the latest in Decentralized Finance as well as host keynotes on topics related to DEFI & Regulation, the future of DEFI, alternative applications of Decentralized Finance and much more. 

And lastly, what's the purpose of the Metaverse Day? 

Through-out the Metaverse day we aim to give the viewers a clear understanding of what's happening in the Metaverse segment of crypto as a whole, as well as discuss the future developments that the Metaverse holds. 

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