Crypto Event 2022: SIDUS Heroes x Cryptopia 2022

published on 18 July 2022

We're super proud to announce SIDUS Heroes as a Diamond Sponsor for Cryptopia 2022.

For those unaware, Cryptopia 2022 is a fully virtual 3 day online event, that en-captures the 3 most important elements of the Cryptocurrency industry.

The Metaverse, or Metaverses. 

DEFI, as in Decentralized Finance.

And NFTs; Non-Fungible Tokens. 

The absolute purpose of Cryptopia 2022 is to give the audience a clear insight into the latest developments & industry challenges of all 3 aforementioned sectors. 

And that's exactly why we reckoned SIDUS Heroes would be an excellent fit as a sponsor. 

Especially as a keynote & panelist speaker for the Metaverse day. 

A little bit about SIDUS Heroes: 

SIDUS Heroes is an online metaverse that aims to give players the first space based WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT RPG game using the latest tech.

The game aims to perfect the following mechanics:

PVP Combat (Player vs. Player)

PVE Combat (Player vs. Everything) 

In-Game Professions

Resource Development

Space Exploration

In-Game Politics System 

SIDUS Heroes will be represented by Dan Khomenko, their CEO. 

Dan Khomenko of SIDUS Heroes - Image taken from LinkedIn
Dan Khomenko of SIDUS Heroes - Image taken from LinkedIn

Dan is the CEO of and An entrepreneur and founder of a successful IT engineering company.

He'll be talking more about the Metaverse as a whole through-out his keynote within Cryptopia 2022 and will also be sharing his thoughts within our Metaverse panel. 

Looking forward to seeing you there with us!

The event will be streamed on Youtube.

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