NumisMe x Cryptopia 2022

published on 26 July 2022

Cryptopia 2022 is super psyched to present NumisMe as a Diamond Sponsor for the 2022 3-day crypto event. 

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Cryptopia 2022 is a fully virtual 3-day online event, that focuses on the 3 biggest elements of Crypto, as of 2022.

The Metaverse.

Decentralized Finance.

Non Fungible Tokens. 

Cryptopia 2022 aims to grant its audience a clear understanding of the latest developments & industry challenges of the biggest topics in Crypto as of 2022. 

And that's exactly why we thought NumisMe would be an excellent fit as a sponsor. 

Additional info on NumisMe: 

NumisMe is a crypto purchasing protocol designed to serve as an all-inclusive DEFI mobile app platform. 

NumisMe Demo as shown on their website.
NumisMe Demo as shown on their website.

NumsiMe aims to offer the following options on its DEFI platform:

DEFI Savings Account.

Merchant & Bank Connections.

High-Interest Savings Accounts

and much more...

The value proposition of NumisMe lies in them working on being able to convert all YOUR chump change attained from physical transactions, into cryptocurrency. 

About the NumisMe team:

The NumisMe team is currently being led by Misam Abidi, their founder, who is based out of the United States (as per his LinkedIn profile).

Misam Abidi's LinkedIn Profile Photo
Misam Abidi's LinkedIn Profile Photo

Misam's background stems from banking and finance. His experience in these fields and the inequalities faced by the average consumer led him towards the vision of what is now called NumisMe (NUME). 

With a love for creating, innovating, and meditation, he believes that through NumisMe he can create the synergy needed to usher in a Market 2.0 where financial services are accessible and inclusive.

Looking forward to seeing you there with us on Cryptopia 2022!

The event will be streamed on Youtube.

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