PowerDFI x Cryptopia 2022

published on 25 July 2022
Cryptopia 2022 x PowerDFI
Cryptopia 2022 x PowerDFI

Cryptopia 2022 is extremely happy to present PowerDFI as a Diamond Sponsor for the Cryptopia 2022 crypto event. 

For those who don't know, Cryptopia 2022 is a completely virtual 3-day online event, that encaptures the 3 biggest elements of Crypto, as of 2022.




Cryptopia 2022 aims to give its viewers a clear insight into the latest developments & industry challenges of all 3 forenamed elements. 

And that's exactly why we reckoned PowerDFI would be an excellent fit as a sponsor. 

More info on PowerDFI: 

PowerDFI Snippet as taken from their site.
PowerDFI Snippet as taken from their site.

PowerDFI is a DEFI platform intended for allowing users the ability to stake their own physical assets. 

This in turn, enables the utility of tokenized assets such as collateralizing or securitizing. 

PowerDFI aims to offer the following options on its DEFI platform:

Lending your physical assets. 

Staking your physical assets.

And proof of stake mining. 

Users will be able to tokenize their assets as long as they're able to prove their identity and their own of the asset they intend to tokenize in order to ensure utmost safety & financial compliance. 

About the PowerDFI team:

PowerDFI Core Team
PowerDFI Core Team

The PowerDFI team is currently being led by Tim Webb, their founder, who is based out of the US (as per his LinkedIn profile).

Tim Webb's background stems from being a business owner within the Financial Consulting industry where he ran BW Financial Group helping companies and government agencies raise capital and form the strategic partnerships necessary to meet their business needs. 

In addition to Tim Webb, the team is also being led by Reginald Parker, their CTO, and Steven White, their COO. 

Looking forward to seeing you there with us on Cryptopia 2022!

The event will be streamed on Youtube.

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