SEC investigates Coinbase, Tether's & Yuga Labs' Class Action Lawsuit...

published on 26 July 2022

Here's a quick update on everything happening in Crypto this week.

Bitcoin is holding above the $21,000 mark, whereas Ethereum inched above $1,390 mark. 

The BTC fear and greed index is around the 26 mark, so the market is still driven by extreme fear. 

BTC Fear & Greed Index as of July 26th 2022.
BTC Fear & Greed Index as of July 26th 2022.

As per the latest Crypto news: 

SEC, Yuga & Coinbase...
SEC, Yuga & Coinbase...

SEC Initiates Probe into Coinbase over Potential Securities Listings.

Securities & Exchange Commission Official Logo
Securities & Exchange Commission Official Logo

"The SEC is reportedly investigating Coinbase for allowing U.S. residents to trade unregistered securities.."'s statement

The tokens that the SEC listed as unregistered securities are the following:

Amp, is an Ethereum token that aims to “collateralize payments on the Flexa Network, making them instant and secure.”

Rally, which enables creators and online communities to launch their own cryptocurrencies by creating so-called “social tokens".

DDX, a decentralized exchange for derivative contracts. 

XYO, a decentralized network of devices that anonymously collect and validate geospatial data.

RGT, a decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing.

LCX, a centralized exchange for security tokens, token sales, and cryptocurrencies. 

PWR, which aims to enable peer-to-peer energy trading. 

DFX, a decentralized foreign exchange protocol optimized for stablecoins.

KRM, working to make DEX trading simpler, more accessible, and affordable on Ethereum L1 and L2’s.

Apparently, all of the aforementioned tokens where somehow involved in the Coinbase inside trading incident with former Product Manager, Ishan Wahi, which potentially goes to explain why the SEC would even look at these tokens in the first place. 

Tether Is Launching a P2P Video Chat App Called Keet

"The world’s largest stablecoin issuer launched the app along with sister company Bitfinex."'s statement

You can find the app on

Keet Snippet as taken from their site.
Keet Snippet as taken from their site.

I am honestly not sure on how to react to this. 

It does seem like a bit of an irrelevant scale, going from payment solutions to video calling.

But the app does accept native payments between users, meaning that you can another counter-party whilst you're talking to them directly through the app itself. 

Yuga Labs is being threatened with a Class-Action Lawsuit.

"The suit likely will allege that Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and ApeCoin are securities that failed to deliver on promised returns..."'s statement

Law Firm, Scott + Scott, is actively recruiting investors that have suffered losses from Yuga Lab's ApeCoin & NFT collections for a potential class action lawsuit.

As per Cryptopia 2022, everything is going according to plan. 

The event will kick off as planned and as of today our sponsor list is the following: 

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and others... 

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